ACL Post Op Month 2

ACL Reconstruction Postoperative Instructions

Month 2


Continue scar mobilization.


Wear only when going for long walks or on uneven, slippery ground or in crowded areas.




1.                   Extension:

-          Continue heel rolls.

-          Continue prone hangs.

2.                   Flexion:

-          Continue passive flexion exercises.

-          Continue active flexion exercises.

-          Continue active assisted flexion exercises.

3.                   Quadriceps:

-          Continue straight leg raises without the brace.

-          Continue quarter squats but perform them using the operated leg only.  (Remember to keep holding on for balance)

4.                   Hamstrings:

-          Continue hamstring curls with ankle weights.

5.                   Calf:

-          Continue one legged standing calf raises.

6.                   Aerobic:

-          Stationary bicycling 30 minutes/day.  You may alternate this with a stair-climbing machine.  Start at 5 minutes/day and slowly increase to 10, then 15 and then 20 minutes/day.


-              Continue cooling the knee as needed.

-              Continue patellar mobilization.


-              None