ACL Post Op Month 4

ACL Reconstruction Postoperative Instructions

Month 4


Continue scar mobilization.


1.                   Continue one-legged quarter squats.

2.                   May begin leg presses.  Remember not to flex your knee more than 90 degrees.  Do not do any knee extensions.

3.                   Jumping:  Use both legs for push off and landing.  Do jumps for distance and then also do jumps for height.

4.                   Agility Drills:

-          Backward Running:  Do ten, 40 yard dashes.

-          Jump Rope:  Start at 5 minutes/day, then increase to 10 minutes/day.

-          High Knee Drills:  Run in place lifting the knees high with each step, 5 minutes/day.


-          Cool knee as needed.

-          Continue patellar mobilization.


1.         You may begin practicing the skills of the sport, but not cutting, twisting, pivoting or zigzagging.

2.         If the sport is running, cycling or swimming you may begin training.

3.         If the sport is basketball, you may begin shooting, but no one-on-one, no dribbling drills and no lay-ups.

4.         If you are in football, you may begin strength training with the team, but avoid extreme agility drills, such as running through tires and also avoid contact drills.

5.         Baseball players may begin gentle throwing and batting, but no fielding.

6.         Tennis players may begin gentle wall practice.