ACL Post Op Week 2

ACL Reconstruction Postoperative Instruction

Week 2


OK to get wet

Don’t need to keep knee wrapped

Begin scar mobilization


Wear it locked at all times except during exercises

For exercises, you may either remove the brace or unlock the hinges.


Walk with crutches at all times (have to wear the brace).

You may put all your weight on the operated leg.


1.                   Extension:

-          Continue heel rolls. This can also be performed by propping the foot on another chair or stool when watching TV, etc.

-          Prone hangs. Lie down on the stomach with the knees hanging off the bed and let gravity help extend the knee. Relax the muscles of the leg as much as possible to get a good stretch. There is usually no need to put additional weight on the leg.

2.                   Flexion:

-          Continue passive flexion exercises.

-          Continue active flexion exercises.

-          Active-assisted (Sit in a chair and flex the knee as far as possible.  While keeping the foot still, use your arms to move forward in the chair).

3.                   Quadriceps:

-          Quad sets (tighten quads as hard as possible with the knee straight).

-          Straight leg raises (with or without the brace).

-          Quarter squats (use both legs and hold on to a stable structure for balance).

4.                   Balance:   

            -         Side-to-Side

5.                   Aerobic:

-          Stationary bicycle (10 min/day)


-              Cool knee as needed for 15 - 20 minutes at a time.

-              Start patellar mobilization.


-              None