ACL Post Op Week 3

ACL Reconstruction Postoperative Instructions

Weeks 3-4


Continue scar mobilization.


Wear whenever out of bed except for exercises and bathing.


Continue to use one or both crutches for balance on long walks or on uneven, slippery ground or in crowded areas.


1.                   Extension:

-          Continue heel rolls.

-          Continue prone hangs.

2.                   Flexion:

-          Continue passive flexion exercises.

-          Continue active flexion exercises.

-          Continue active assisted flexion exercises.

3.                   Quadriceps:

-          Continue quad sets.

-          Continue straight leg raises.

-          Continue quarter squats.

4.                   Hamstrings:

-          Begin hamstring curls (lie prone and bend the knee up as far as possible.  It may help to wear shoes or some light ankle weights). You can also do this while standing to make it more challenging.

5.                   Calf:

-          Begin calf raises (start with two legs and progress to single leg calf raises).

6.                   Balance:

            -          Side-to- Side

7.                   Aerobic:

-          Stationary bicycle 20 minutes/day.


-              Cool knee as needed.

-              Continue patellar mobilization.


-              None